Sunday, July 30, 2017


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The days have been hot. In fact, as I write this, I'm camped out in front of our portable air conditioner and it's still not enough. Our apartment isn't perched in the best spot to take on days such as these and the forecast says we're looking at temperatures in the 100s over the next week. Whew.

I've written about six or seven posts here; they're sitting in a draft folder and not a single one of them has felt ready for publishing. The last several months have been about coming back to myself, about finding new ways to settle into my skin and feel content there.

We've done a lot this summer: a trip to Sauvie Island for berry picking, a trip to Mt. Hood to see Umbrella Falls, a trip to Salmon River to go swimming, a trip to Florida, walks around the neighborhood, family dinners, Peninsula Park with the roses fully in bloom, a trip to Smith Rock State Park, and tons of relaxing and resting in between.

Summer has been so, so good to me, and we're still squeezing in a few more fun trips to cap it all off. I have used this blog for so many different purposes, and it's changed and shifted more times than I can count. Sometimes I've been really sad when I've written here. Sometimes I've been confused or scared or anxious or happy. Sometimes I've documented every square inch of my life and sometimes I've let long stretches pass with nothing.

I'd like to try and share more pictures here, to write things down, to remember. I'd also like to spend more time in my kitchen and read more books. And I'd like to spend more time taking Woody on nice long walks. These are small goals that will make my happy, full life feel happier and fuller. I've waited to feel this way, I've worked hard to get here. Time to bask in it.

(Photos 1 & 2: strawberry picking at Sauvie Island; Photos 3 & 4: Umbrella Falls trail; Photos 5-9: Old Salmon River)

*Also, I have no earthly clue why the vertical images are so pixelated, but after nearly an hour of troubleshooting, I give up! :)

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