Monday, March 24, 2014

dearest love of my life,

Today we have been married for one year. My heart is full. Each day I am surprised to become closer to you. I never knew I could know someone in all the ways I know you. And I never knew that someone could know me in all the ways you know me. You have taught me more in this one year of marriage than I could have ever hoped to learn.

It is still a wonder to me that you chose me. And that you choose me everyday. Thank you for loving me, even in my unlovable moments. Thank you for giving to me every single day. It appears that your well is endless.

Life with you is an adventure. You have taught me to take the leap and have confidence in my heart and gut, a lesson I must learn from you over and over again. You speak words of kindness that uplift my soul and fill me with sunshine. And your thoughts are of me, constantly.

Your light heart is so good for me, especially on days when I am thinking too much. When I look at you, I almost feel like I could burst. My memories with you are so fond and so sweet and it is a gift I cherish daily to know that I will be married to you for the rest of my life.

Sometimes things feel bleak. You are my constant reminder that it will pass, that a bright spot can always be found in the darkest of moments.

You are my bright spot.

To you, my love and to the best first year of marriage I could have ever dreamt up and more.

Yours always,
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