Tuesday, April 30, 2013

5 things you didn't know about us!

Roxy-Jeff Ace-photo-booth 1. We met in the fifth grade and remained friends until we started dating in the summer of 2007. That means we've known each other for about 13 years!

2. We bought our dog, named Woody Guthrie, on a complete and total whim. We were out running errands and noticed our PetSmart was having a pet adoption day. I initially requested that we not go (because I can't say no to cute dogs with pleading eyes), but changed my mind (because I'm notorious for being a pushover). After perusing all the dogs, we came across Woody, whose name was Regal at the time (because he prances when he runs, for real). We left and ate lunch at Tijuana Flats, but all we could think of was our dog's sweet little face looking at us through the crate bars. We literally ran back to PetSmart to adopt him. You can see the full story of how Woody became a part of our family here.

3. We have a mild very serious obsession with the great city of Portland, Oregon. We also went on our honeymoon there, which should surprise approximately no one because it's about all we can talk about. Our grand plan is to move there in the near(ish) future and buy a bungalow with a sweet front porch and curbside garden. In our opinions, that city can do no wrong.

4. Our Saturday morning tradition is going to Krispy Kreme and bringing it to the outdoor patio at Starbucks (where we split a venti iced Chai tea with light ice —you get more drink that way. You're welcome.). Then, we drive to our favorite local dog park and watch as our dog acts like Ferdinand the Bull (smelling flowers) and plays with none of the other dogs that might happen to be there. As a matter of fact, he'd much prefer to be there alone.

5. It is tradition that we stop and get fries and a Coke at McDonald's every single time we drive from our college town to our home town. When we make the decision to take a weekend trip home, I will almost immediately begin to crave McDonald's french fries. And to the people we know who have made the ultimate sacrifice of not drinking Coke, we salute you, but you've got to be kidding me.

- J&R


  1. Love the Pics! Why, you ask?(Jeffrey) because you guys look adorable and happy as can be. Also I new 2 1/2 of the 5 things, which makes me feel like I know you guys pretty well :) thanks for sharing

  2. These pictures are the cutest! Love that you've known each other for so long! How unique!


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