Friday, May 10, 2013

10 pictures, 10 moments.

So as to not drag our honeymoon photos out for an entire week (because I'm pretty sure I might be the only person to enjoy that), I have chosen 10 photos from our trip and 10 moments to share with you. We had the absolute best time in Portland, Oregon. I think we mentioned what a blast we were having at least 5 times a day, everyday. We were blessed with the best weather and a family member who lent us his car for the entire week. We traveled that city up and down and around and around. Sometimes I'm still surprised by how much we did, but how relaxing the whole thing was.
honeymoon1 1. On our first day in Portland, we ate at Little Big Burger. This photograph shows the exhaustion all over our faces. We had been up for so many hours by that point and we were walking around the city in a complete fog. This meal was one of our favorites and it was made especially delicious because we had hardly eaten anything all day. It was here that Jeffrey tried ketchup and enjoyed it, which is a big deal! It was really great ketchup, though, so I'm not crossing my fingers for a ketchup-loving husband anytime soon.
honeymoon2 2. We stopped at Cool Moon Creamery Co. on our first night (shortly after we ate our delicious burgers and french fries) and had the best ice cream (Thai tea and salted caramel). We ate it on this little street park and were so excited for all the impending adventures we were about to have in Portland. I think we had a short second wind during that time and were filled with a burst of energy as we thought of the great blessing it was to be in such a beautiful city!
honeymoon3 3. This big public art display just happened to be a collaboration between one of Jeffrey's favorite artists (Chris Johanson) and homeless youth. It was completely unexpected and such an amazing surprise. We were just driving through the city, looking for a parking spot when we stumbled upon this. Talk about good fortune!
honeymoon4 4. We were taking the Columbia Scenic River Highway (which we highly recommend) and stopped off at a few different waterfalls. At the first stop (Wahkeena Falls), we enjoyed pork dumplings which we had grabbed from a food truck in the city. Then we made our way to Multnomah Falls, which is the second-tallest year-round waterfall in the United States. We decided to hike further up and on the sixth switchback, I cursed the idea. On the final switchback, we made it to a really calm portion of the waterfall. It was so incredible. We continued hiking and happened upon the most beautiful little waterfall I might have ever seen. It was so worth it and such a special little surprise.
honeymoon5 5. We were lucky enough to spend one night at the Timberline Lodge, which was honestly incredible. It was snowing!! Big stuff for Florida natives. When we walked into our room, the entire window was blocked by snow. I kindly asked the front desk for a room change with a better view. They happily obliged and gave us a giftcard! It was so sweet and unexpected, we couldn't believe their generosity!
honeymoon6 6. Bungalows and craftsman style homes are among our favorite and we are hoping to own one someday. Portland is brimming with them! Seriously, just when you think you've seen it all, you turn the corner and see about a billion more. For Valentine's Day I gifted Jeffrey a book full of Portland hill walks. We did one particular route that was so wonderful! There weren't so many bungalows, but a bunch of really beautiful Victorian homes and a few really modern ones, too. We just enjoyed walking around a neighborhood and picturing ourselves living there. The walk spilled into Forest Park, which is the largest urban park in the world. It was equally beautiful.
honeymoon7 7. We had several delicious meals, but our favorite was Toro Bravo. I wrote about our venture to try and recreate a flatbread we tried there. (You can find that post here.) Jeffrey's boss generously gave us a giftcard there and we had a spectacular time. It was so, so memorable and we had a ton of fun watching the chefs prepare our food.
honeymoon8 8. On Saturday morning, we headed to the Portland Farmers' Market located on PSU's beautiful campus. We went to the Pine State Biscuits tent and had a country fried chicken biscuit, a biscuit with marionberry jam, orange juice, and sweet tea. As we sat on the lawn enjoying the most delicious breakfast, we both talked about living in Portland and people-watched to our hearts' content!
honeymoon9 9. One afternoon we stopped at Washington Park with a Fentiman's cherry soda and just took in the beautiful weather we were having. It was such a welcomed treat to just relax and do nothing. We had a really nice conversation as we sat on a park bench and just talked about life. Those unexpected conversations are always my absolute favorite!
honeymoon10 10. Our final morning was spent at Lovejoy Bakers. We had drinks and breakfast and felt overwhelmingly happy for the love and support we have been granted throughout the entirety of our relationship thus far. We discussed plans for our future home (a bunch of pipe dreams for right now) and just enjoyed one another's company. I remember feeling really blessed as I sat in that bakery.


  1. That first picture is great, I know exactly how you guys felt - utterly exhausted! These are great pictures, it sounds like you had a wonderful trip!

  2. I always think the more photos the better ;) These 10 are great though! Such good memories for the future


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