Monday, May 20, 2013

date night, 002.

biglous2 biglous4 biglous3 biglous1 biglous5 May in Florida is not synonymous with breezy weather, which is why we've all been scratching our heads during the last few weeks over these beautiful days we've been having! Jeffrey and I are sort of pathetic and love to eat outside so that we can bring Woody. Add in cool weather and we've got ourselves an outdoor dinner date!

Eating outside is perhaps my favorite thing in this whole entire universe, so I'll stretch appropriate-eating-outdoors weather into the month of July, which is maybe sort of pushing it. Thankfully, Jeffrey is a good sport and will play along as he wipes the sweat off his brow. I just can't help it! Dining al fresco is my bliss.

And I know I dote on our dog a lot, but WILL YOU PLEASE LOOK AT THAT FACE?!


  1. You should frame that shot. What a classic. Kind of melts your heart, doesn't it? XXOO

  2. Woody has a little human face! How sweet :)

    1. So true! My dad calls him Man Eyes!

  3. cutest face EVER!
    and where did you get that incredible calzone??????????

  4. I love that whenever there is a picture posted of Woody you say, "will you look at that face!" Makes me giggle every time :)


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