Wednesday, May 8, 2013

mr. woody guthrie.

woody3 woody1 woody4

Dear Woody,
You are the sweetest pup. And you are so, so good. You let us brush your teeth (with special dog toothpaste that smells like cupcakes) and trim your nails and you don't even flinch. You hop right to the back of the car when we're traveling. It's your spot. You loooove to cuddle between us (we love that, too). You're scared of plastic bags and sometimes you like to tear up a bag of tissue paper by the front door while we're not home. Surprise! You eat your food way too fast and your beard drips a trail of water all over the house. When we cook in the kitchen, you are always right underfoot. Always hoping for a hand out, but also just because you like to be near us. When you run, you look like a little deer. You're learning how to fetch in no time at all. You love people and will say hi to just about anyone. When the wind blows, you tilt your little face up toward the sky so you can really feel it. It might be the cutest thing. You love apples. As soon as you hear us bite into one, you come running with your tail wagging, wagging, wagging. You sit so patiently until we share a small piece with you...and then several more small pieces. You probably don't know it, but you've brought a lot of joy into our lives. We think you're pretty great.



  1. Woody has some big fans around here, too. Someone by the name of Andy wishes he were here right now! In shot #3, Woody looks quite regal. XXOO


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