Friday, November 4, 2016

an election post (the final plea).

Photograph of First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton with Socks the Cat and Buddy the Dog: 04/07/1999

I have been asked why I support Hillary Clinton about a million times during this election season, especially because I was also a Hillary supporter in the primaries.

How on earth could I support a candidate who housed a private email server and has engaged in "shady acts" throughout her entire political career?!

I have been catcalled more times than I care to remember. I have been terrified to walk my dog just after sunset. I have been followed home. Numerous (unspeakable) words have been shouted at me and I have called my dad as I ran home in fear. I have been told that I'm too flat chested. That I "could be pretty if my boobs were bigger and I had a few more curves." I have been told that I was wearing too much makeup. Or not enough. I have been told to sit down. Back up. Know my limits. Know my place. Speak softly. Be less vocal. I have been told to be flattered by exploitative comments. I have been told to soften my edges. To take up less space in this world.

And I am a privileged white woman who grew up in an environment with nearly every resource at my fingertips and I was instilled with the belief that my dreams didn't have a ceiling. I have lived a blessed existence. For many women it has been so much worse.

There is a man running for president who literally personifies all the most terrifying experiences I (and countless other women) have endured simply because I AM A WOMAN. He is unqualified and, quite frankly, out of control.

There is also a woman named Hillary Clinton who is running for president. She is strong and fierce and brave and level headed. She is also messy and imperfect. She is human. She has done and said regrettable things and she has sincerely apologized for them. She has made a promise to try harder and better. She has consistently fought for children and families. She has made mistakes and learned from them. She has championed progress for everyone, from all walks of life. And she has done so under a microscope of public opinion and scrutiny (much of that scrutiny tied directly to her womanhood). She has shown grace and class in circumstances where many might unravel or fail. That sounds like a president to me. That's why #ImWithHer.

(Photo via The U.S. National Archives)


  1. Perfection!!!! +)

  2. Well said. The choice could not be clearer. I'll be voting for Hillary Clinton on election day. I already feel very emotional thinking about filling in the bubble beside her name. I've only been waiting for this 28 years, but I get overwhelmed when think about what this means for my mom and grandmas and all the women before them, especially the ones who never got the right to vote. May I never forget how it felt to cast my ballot for our country's first woman president.

    1. I love this comment so much! I was recently very moved after seeing that many women who voted early brought their 'I Voted' stickers to Susan B. Anthony's gravestone. It's a nice reminder of community during an election that feels so divided. I like to think about all the young girls who are now imagining themselves as president. I'm so grateful for all the amazing women who have paved the way, including Hillary Clinton. Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts in this space! xo

  3. #ImWithHer, and she is going to be an amazing president!!I I am staying positive!
    Your posts are always so well written, and this one was so important. I am glad you've been speaking up during this election. XXOO


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