Wednesday, April 24, 2013

part II.

I think when it came right down to the wedding, we were pretty laid back about the whole process (except for one semi-meltdown, on my part), but we had one specific request when it came to the reception: no dancing. Jeffrey and I aren't big lovers of dancing in public, so we knew it wasn't what we wanted on our wedding day. When my mom suggested that we get married at the shuffleboard club, we knew we'd found our solution. We had Chicago-style pizza from our favorite local pizza joint and Mexican Cokes (which is our beverage of choice).

My favorite part of our reception was that it was very us. It made things very relaxing and simple, which was ultimately what we wanted. We danced together once, to a song by John Prine that we absolutely love. That was just enough for us. During the last couple hours of the ceremony, our sweet dog Woody got dropped off and he got to take part in the festivities. The night ended fairly early (it was a Sunday), and we watched as all our friends and family pitched in to get the facility spic and span and they told us to leave. Talk about selfless! They had spent the entire morning preparing the space and were go-go-going until the very end of the evening. We have good, good people in our lives. I loved all the people who grabbed vases of flowers so that they wouldn't go to waste. It was such a perfect way for our wedding to live on over the next few days.

Our first dance song, if you'd like to listen while you look.
Glory of True Love by John Prine on Grooveshark reception1 ^ The receiving line made us feel so special.
reception2 ^ Cutest kids I've ever seen.
reception28 ^ Jeffrey handmade the sign.
^ Chicago-style pizza and salad.
reception3 reception10
^ Satchel's inspired salad + chatting.
^ Ceramics friends.
^ Serious discussions about turning into a green monster.
reception11 ^ My sister gave a beautiful speech.
^ The best.
^ My dad gave the most perfect (unplanned!) speech.
^ My sister planned out + decorated our dessert table. It looked wonderful.
reception6 ^ Jeffrey made the cake toppers. One of my favorite details.
reception5 ^ My mom, my sister, and I made all the desserts at home. A true labor of love.
reception15 ^ Cutting the cake.
reception14 ^ He got me good!
about_us ^ Aftermath.
reception16 ^ Time to shuffle.
^ He definitely ruled the courts. :)
reception21 reception20
^ Shufflin'.
reception17 reception25 reception23
^ Our first dance as husband and wife. reception24
^ No dance is complete without Woody Guthrie himself!
reception26 ^ Our happy little family.
reception27 ^ When the evening started to get a bit more quiet.

- J&R

P.S. Today is our one month wedding anniversary!

* Ceremony pictures here.
* All photos by the incredible Kelly Kee of seed&sparrow.


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