Thursday, April 25, 2013

part III.

details Details. Oh details, details, details. In my opinion, the details make the wedding (if you're looking for visual appeal, that is). I love looking at the details of other weddings, but when it came to my own, I had hardly any interest in DIY projects that required any kind of significant effort. Thank goodness my sister and mom understood my vision because they took charge and never looked back.

When I walked into our venue the afternoon of the wedding, I could not have imagined anything more fitting or perfect for our day. It was like these people were walking around inside my brain! We had so, SO much help to make things happen. Our wedding was truly a team effort and a genuine labor of love.

My dad, my brothers-in-law, my in-laws, my SISTER'S in-laws, our friends, my mom, Jeffrey, my sister...these were all people that worked tirelessly on the morning of the wedding to make my vision a reality so that I could just sit back and enjoy. Such amazingly good sports, the people in our life.

One details story and then I'll get on with the pictures, I promise: We decided to order our centerpiece flowers from Trader Joe's (because they're flower prices are beyond reasonable, people!) and Jeffrey brought them to our hometown (where we were married) on Thursday evening. Mind you, we got married on a Sunday. Panic suddenly washed over me as I realized that they would need to make it through Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. On Thursday night, my family turned the air conditioning down to 67 DEGREES, chopped the tips off of flowers furiously and submerged the flowers into a homemade bleach solution so that they could make it to the big day in tip-top shape. We were finding buckets around the house willy nilly just so we'd have someplace to store all the flowers! We were completely delusional and slap happy by the time all the flowers had been cut and cared for, but they survived!! We only had maybe one or two hydrangea casualties along with a few others, but those little flowers stayed strong — bless them!
details1 ^ These flowers were recycled from my sister's rehearsal dinner and the cake carrier was gifted to me by my mother-in-law during our rehearsal.
details2 ^ Our guest table was filled with wedding pictures from both our parents and our grandparents.
details3 ^ We borrowed all the vintage tablecloths from Jeffrey's mom and my aunt. The bottles were collected from family members.
details4 ^ We gave our guests a mixed CD filled with some of our favorite songs. details5 details6 details7
details8 ^ What I saw as I walked in. It was amazing! details9 details10
details11 ^ Hand cut hearts for each little cupcake. details12
details13 ^ My brother-in-law (sister's husband) made a ton of these paper chains and we made the tissue paper flowers over the course of a couple months.
details14 ^ Our cards basket ended up being really cute (thanks, Mom!) and the banner was handmade by my dad.
details15 ^ Jeffrey was given that tie clip by his grandfather. Minutes before the ceremony, we discovered that my dad had the exact same one (with his initial) given to him by his dad. That was a neat moment.
details16 ^ My sister gave me the gold locket on her wedding day and I filled it with pictures of my grandparents to carry in my wedding bouquet.

^ The blue bracelet was a gift from my sister (for my 'something blue') and the gold bangle is my mom's . My sister also wore it in her wedding. details18
^ The ceremony backdrop was completely handmade by my sister, my mom, my dad, my brother-in-law, and Jeffrey. We started it on Thanksgiving and did not finish it until a few days before the wedding!! details19
^ We had a ton of pictures from different points in our relationship.
details25 details20
^ More tissue paper flowers and some strawberry lemonade.
details22 details24 details23 details26
^ Jeffrey's dad also had pictures taken with a Patagonia patch at his own wedding. :) details27 details28 details29 details30 details31 details32
^ I changed into my boots after the ceremony. details33 details34

- J&R

* Ceremony pictures here.
* Reception pictures here.
* All photos by the incredible Kelly Kee of seed&sparrow.


  1. I definitely have a new appreciation for what florists do. Thank goodness we had valuable advice from an aunt who is a flower expert! Everything looked amazing and Kelly did an awesome job of capturing all those details. What a lovely day it was. XXOO

  2. Can you share the playlist of the CD? Such a neat idea! Also, where did you get your wedding dress from? You looked amazing!!!

    1. Yes, I'd love to share it! I'll make a note of it. :) My dress is from Macy's. Thank you! xo

  3. Beautiful -- thanks for sharing everything here. When this series is done, I will have to email a link to Carrie at the Shuffleboard Courts, she was so helpful and she will love seeing these pics.


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