Wednesday, May 29, 2013

date night, 003.

satchels2 satchels1 Over the weekend, Jeffrey and I celebrated our two-month wedding anniversary. I am nothing if not a celebrator of the little things. We went to our favorite restaurant and walked to get ice cream afterward.   Good company is such a treasure, my friends. I love when our date nights are filled with meaningful chats just as much as I love our date nights that are more quiet. I think I once heard somewhere that if you can enjoy one's company simply by sitting quietly across from one another and you both get something out of it, you have found yourself a kindred spirit. I think that's so true. On this particular evening, we had plenty to talk about, which I loved very much. We sat at a small table and felt like we were in a big city (this is Jeffrey's favorite way to enjoy a meal — at a table that feels like we're dining in a big city). We split a pizza and each got our favorite toppings on our halves. It was wonderful, just like it should be.

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