Thursday, May 30, 2013

simple things.

simplethings12 ^ Clean sheets. There's nothing like getting into clean sheets after a long day.
simplethings15 ^ This sweet pup, who doesn't mind being lazy now and then. 
simplethings16 ^ Fresh flowers that Jeffrey brings home at the end of a working day. simplethings17 ^ New blinds that add such a coziness to our little home. simplethings14 ^ A new plant to fulfill one of our May to-do list items. simplethings13 ^ This dog shampoo, which makes Woody feel and smell like a little dream.

Other simple things we're grateful for:
  • This collar, which is giving our arm sockets a sweet break and helping Woody to walk like a gentleman.
  • Ice cubes, which make all drinks extra refreshing.
  • Fresh watermelon from the side of the road.
And a not-so-simple thing we're grateful for: The men and women who give their lives to fight for the freedom of this country, and the people who lose their dearest loved ones and bravely carry on.

More simple things.


  1. I'm glad your new leash is working so well. Please bring Woody down so we can try it out. :) Where did you get the dog shampoo? XXOO

    1. We got the dog shampoo on Amazon. If you click the link, it will take you there! Woody is a different dog on that leash. We trained him with some cheese and he seems to be doing really well. You'll be impressed!

  2. umm that collar. I need it. Seriously, my arms are literally dragged out of their sockets every time I take my pup outside. Thanks for the suggestion!!

    1. It has been like walking a different dog and he's learning to 'heel' like a little dream! Seriously, invest!! Your arms will thank you!

  3. trader joe's flowers rock.
    love those blinds.
    can't wait to see woody again.

  4. That dog shampoo is the BEST! That's what I use for Lady, too! P.S. She says hi, and when can I see Woody again?! =)

    1. Yes! We bought the shampoo because you recommended it! Woody misses Lady...I swear he has never had as much fun with another dog! XO

  5. haha aw i love the play on words with the "Buddy Wash", how stinkin' cute :)

    xo Marlen
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