Monday, June 3, 2013

apartment tour: living room.

Our first apartment together has been exceptionally nice. It met many of the requirements on our wish list (not that we were aiming for many in our college town). We have hardwood floors and two spectacular built-ins. The home itself is quite large and fits our lifestyle very beautifully. It's cozy and comfortable and it's been a perfect place to call home. I'll be really sad to leave it in just a couple months.
^ Here's a small overview of our living room, complete with Sir Woody.
^ Left: The lamp and table are secondhand. The books are from my family + a library book sale. The candle is from Anthropologie. The green dish was a gift. Right: The chair is secondhand. The pillows were handmade by Jeffrey. The blanket was handmade by my aunt. The standing lamp is from Target.
^ The table is an old library card catalog, given to us by Jeffrey's parents. The tray was handmade by Jeffrey. The small green book was handmade by my sister. The match striker was handemade by Josh Stover. The candle is originally from Anthropologie, picked up at a discount store in our college town.
livingroom7livingroom5 ^ The print is by my sister.
^ The couch is from my parents. The victorian-style chair is secondhand. The sewing machine print is a Joanna Newsom concert poster. Below it is a vintage fishing camp advertisement. The wall hanging on the righthand side was a gift from Jeffrey's brother. It is from India.
^ The crates on the lefthand side were purchased by Jeffrey. The red cart was being discarded. The church pew was given to us by Jeffrey's parents. We plan to recover it soon.
^ The key holder is also by Josh Stover. The yellow bag is a kite. The hat was a gift.
^ The pillows were handmade. The quilt square is from an antique shop. The photograph is a picture of the Redwoods taken by my cousin.
The walls were already painted when we moved in. I would have never chosen the deep purple, but it's worked out just fine. Most of the furniture that makes up our living room belonged to our families or was found at garage sales or second hand shops! However, if you have any specific questions about where something came from (and I didn't answer in the captions below each photo), I'd be happy to answer any questions in the comments!

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  1. I love your style, your apartment looks very cozy and comfortable. Hardwood floors and built ins are on my wish list too for my next apartment - I'm crossing my fingers and hoping it happens! Thanks for sharing!


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