Thursday, June 19, 2014

a week of lunches.


1. Chopped strawberries + unsweetened coconut flakes // 2. Brown rice pasta, cucumber, carrots, green pepper + garlic-ginger pumpkin seed sauce // 3. Cucumber + carrots with black bean hummus


1. Romaine lettuce + spinach with cherry tomatoes, carrots, navy beans, and sunflower and sesame seeds // 2. Chopped strawberries + kiwi // 3. Garlic-ginger pumpkin seed sauce (to dress the salad) // 4. Chickpea croutons


1. Black beans and brown rice, covered by mixed greens, sunflower sprouts + avocado (and some red blanket sauce is hiding under there) // 2. Chopped Granny Smith + almond butter // 3. Turkish dried apricots, banana chips + dried mango


1. Romaine lettuce + spinach with green peppers, cucumbers, pumpkin seeds, and sunflower seeds // 2. Chopped Granny Smith apple + almond butter // 3. Chopped kiwi + unsweetened coconut flakes // 4. Garlic-ginger pumpkin seed sauce (to dress the salad)


1. Black bean salad with cumin-roasted carrots, over a bed of Romaine lettuce // 2. Black bean hummus // 3. Watermelon + cucumber spears

I find a sort of comfort in my lunchtime meal. There's something nice about a midday break and the opportunity to sit and enjoy some sustenance. During the school year, I made my lunches the night before, and while it was sometimes a bit of an inconvenience, I always appreciated the forethought when it actually came time to sit and eat the tidbits I had lovingly prepared for myself. Now that I'm on summer vacation, my meals look a bit different, but I still do my best to prepare them with the same amount of care and attention so that I can honor my body and give it the fuel it deserves.

P.S. I'm in the process of revamping the blog, so please excuse the dust! :)


  1. cumin roasted carrots sound amazing :) i love watermelon and cucumber together-- juiced with lime and it's so refreshing!

    all of these lunches sounds awesome and like the perfect way to treat yourself daily. this makes me want to put more thought into my meals-- i'm just the worst at food planning!

    1. The cumin roasted carrots were delicious, and now I need a glass of watermelon and cucumber juice (the most perfect summer treat)!

      I'll admit that food planning can be a bit of a hassle, but the overall result is worth it. Of course there are days when my lunch is nothing more than a few random items from the fridge thrown together at the last minute, but I'm always thankful for my efforts!

      Thanks for commenting! XO


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