Tuesday, June 24, 2014

neighborhood blooms.

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If you're a dog owner then you can certainly empathize with the agony one occasionally feels upon remembering the dog must go out in the morning. This is especially true when the heat in Florida can only be described using one word: stifling. After those first steps taken and the delicate art of harnessing Woody into his leash (which is quite the sophisticated contraption during the wee hours of the morning), I am reminded of just how much that morning walk means to my dear pal, as evidenced by the enthusiasm in his jaunty gait, and the way his snout lovingly and happily rediscovers the smells of his neighborhood.

And some days I notice the beauty that surrounds me in such a striking way that I must retrace my steps later in the day simply to snap photographs and share the unbelievable sights with you. You see, Florida is hot and sticky in all the most frustrating ways, but it is also hot and sticky in all the right ways, too. This muggy, tropical climate allows certain beautiful flowers to sprout up and thrive without the help of anyone in particular and that is worth celebrating.

(And a personal thanks to Woody, who singlehandedly ensured I would see these beautiful blooms in all their beautiful, leafy glory. His snout leads the way and calls the shots, and for that I am quite glad.)

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