Friday, October 31, 2014

october favorites.


1. Vega One Nutritional Shake (in Chocolate) || I do my best to drink smoothies in the morning, but on days when I'm running a bit behind, I find that this shake does the trick! Its flavor isn't offensive (although it may take one or two sips to acclimate), it boasts plenty of nutritional benefits, and it's plant-based. Plus, I can make it in one minute, which is especially appealing when I need to bolt out the door.

2. Mega-Mushroom Skin Relief Face Mask (Dr. Andrew Weil for Origins) || My skin is quite prone to redness and it's incredibly sensitive (a winning combination!). That means I have to be very selective about my products or I end up looking like a tomato and my skin feels hot to the touch. Neither is very fun. This mask is gentle, while still packing quite the punch.

3. Fair Trade & Organic Hand Sanitizing Spray (by Dr. Bronner) || Hand sanitizer actually sort of freaks me out. Ever since I read that it can actually weaken the immune system, I have stayed far, far away. However, I spend a significant part of my day with small children who try their best to keep germs at bay, but they're certainly not experts. In most scenarios, I choose to wash my hands, but in a pinch, this stuff gives me a little peace of mind.

4. Computer Mouse || While I do actually love using a mouse (after using my laptop's track pad for years), the truly exciting thing is that we got a new computer! We were due for an upgrade and we opted for a desktop, which has proved to be lots of fun and, bonus(!!!), it doubles as our TV.

5. Lulu Organics Hair Powder (in Jasmine) || I know that shampooing your hair everyday is considered taboo, but my hair has a hard time keeping oils at bay. Someone once told me that I could "train" my hair to only need washing every other day, and in about one month I would see a decrease in oil production. Well, it took me about one year, but I've finally gotten to the point where I only need to wash my hair every third day. However, I still need a little help in the oil-taming department and this product works phenomenally well. Plus, it only has a few ingredients and smells nice.

6. The Silkworm (A Cormoran Strike Novel) by Robert Galbraith [aka JK Rowling]) || I read devoured the prequel to this book in a matter of days. I can wholeheartedly tell you that this book was just as addictive and I'm already sad I've finished it. (As a note, am I the only person who despises book jackets? I take them off before even diving into a new book.)


  1. I don't like book jackets either. They're annoying.

  2. Love all your finds. i need to try the hair powder. May I borrow your book? :) xxoo


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