Monday, October 13, 2014


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I woke up yesterday with an incredible craving for pumpkin pancakes. I like listening to the Andrews Sisters when I cook. On Saturday morning, we went to our farmers' market. Now that it's October, lots of our favorite vendors have returned to the market. It was hot, but there was still a crispness in the air. We spent Saturday evening at Jeffrey's parents house. We ordered Thai food and enjoyed my very favorite Publix cookies (sugar with sprinkles, thank you very much). It was the kind of weekend that you never want to end, even in its complete simplicity (which, to me, is the best kind of weekend). I love my life and I've heard plenty of musings about the dangers of living for the weekend, but when weekends are this pleasant, it's a bit hard not to.

P H O T O G R A P H S / /
( 1 || Pumpkin from my in-laws, makes my heart happy. )
( 2 || Incredibly thoughtful birthday card from my incredibly thoughtful parents [illustrated by my talented dad]. )
( 3 || Pumpkin pancakes for a slow Sunday morning. )
( 4 || Woody, looking a bit unamused. )
( 5 || My birthday banner, still hanging in our hallway. )

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  1. Thank goodness for weekends! I just wish they were longer!! Love your pumpkin. We just got one, too. Nothing like a pumpkin sitting on the front porch. Love you. XXOO

  2. Love that pumpkin...amazing how much difference a nice weekend can make.

  3. What recipe did you use for the pumpkin pancakes?


    1. I meant to link it in the post! It's from here:


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