Wednesday, October 8, 2014

what i know at 25.

Settle into your natural inclination toward being a homebody, but don't forget to sneak adventure in there for good measure.

Candy is bad for your body, but every now and then it will be acceptable and necessary to enjoy a piece completely guilt free (for your soul, of course).

At some point, you will realize that all the truths you held in your hands and heart for so long will no longer be concrete, but malleable instead. While this will scare you and make certain pieces of life unclear, don't forget how exciting and freeing this can be.

The excitement that comes with a Starbucks barista knowing your name should also be approached with a certain amount of caution (re: you're visiting Starbucks too much).

Sometimes things will feel heavy in an uncomfortable way. In those moments, remember the image of Woody at the dog park, running toward you full force with a neon tennis ball in his mouth, carefree and utterly joyful. Remember the sparkle in his eyes and the strength in his legs. Try to embody that more often.

Give yourself permission to listen to your gut.

When the power goes out for one hour, you will realize that you are actually an adult. Small moments can do that to you.

In the truly, truly difficult moments, you will be reminded that somewhere, someone has gone through this same thing and come out the other side in one, imperfect piece. There's a certain amount of comfort in that.

Most often, people are genuinely good.

P.S. What I knew at 24.


  1. It was so nice spending the evening with you guys this evening. Happy Birthday. Love you so much. XXOO

  2. Happy belated birthday!! :) I hope you had a wonderful day !

  3. Love! 10 thumbs up! (And by that, I'm not saying that 5 random people like this...)


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