Monday, June 24, 2013

mr. woody guthrie, continued.

Dear Woody,

You are the goofiest goofball there ever was. You have gusts of complete and utter affection for the people you love and you'll get right up in their faces and give them the biggest lovefest they've ever seen. You lick their faces and bite their hair and sometimes you get a little too excited and bite an earring (good thing you have understanding family). It is suh-weet. You absolutely adore bunny rabbits. The first time you saw one hopping around a neighbor's yard, you sat right down and tilted your little head. It was the cutest and silliest thing. You were probably struck by its cuteness, can't blame you! The next time you saw one you went after it, but in a kind way, sort of like you wanted to be friends. The other day you managed to escape from the car — as some of your family members were being dropped off in front of Target — and you started heading right for the automatic doors. You would have had the time of your life in there, but your little joyride was cut short. Sorry about that one. Sometimes you're just not in the mood to play fetch, but that's okay. We like that you have a mind of your own. You still sniff flowers and pay them a great deal of attention. So sweet. When you're tired, you sometimes heave a big, big sigh and we're not sure there's a more adorable sound. We do love you, little man.


P.S. The first letter we wrote you. :)


  1. I absolutely love when Woody jumps up and so enthusiastically licks my face and tries to play with my hair. One of the most heart warming things ever! Love that guy! XXOO

  2. Oh i just love this! It really is true that dogs are man's best friend - I couldn't live without mine. :)

  3. Absolutely! They are such loyal companions and bring a lot of joy into life!

  4. Mark and I both laughed out loud about the earring part (when we read this separately). It's my Woody memento!



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