Saturday, April 26, 2014

back in the saddle.

Hi, Friends!

It's been awhile, hasn't it?

My blogging hiatus and time away from this space was completely unexpected and unplanned. I've loved blogging from the moment I started nearly 6 years ago (back when I still blogged at this space).

I've been pretty open about the struggles I experienced when I entered the working world at the end of Augut 2013. I wrote about it here, too. I think the newness of all of that kind of made me resistant, but the truth is that writing soothes my soul, whether I'm rambling on about our wedding (and how to get married on a very small budget) or sharing the shocking truth about what's in our makeup. I've been constantly pulled back to this space, and yet I've been hesitant to write anything here. Why? It's my space and I make the rules here! :)

With that said, I've got some ideas for this blog and I hope you'll join me in this imperfect journey of fun and honesty. I'll continue to write about the things that matter to me most, which might be a trip to a local burger joint or an honest post about my simple (but difficult) new year's resolution. I hope you'll stick around! xo


  1. Write your heart out, Roxanne, it's beautiful to behold!

  2. so gald you are are back :)


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