Wednesday, May 7, 2014

life lately.

As a result of not blogging for months, I have a few photos to share with you! In November, Jeffrey and I took a trip to the mountains of North Carolina and were forced to leave early because of a snowstorm. In December, my sister and I spent a weekend in Savannah, Georgia. In March, Jeffrey and I went to Asheville to celebrate one year of marriage. And to celebrate the arrival of spring, we had a picnic with my parents on a beautiful evening! What a treat to relive some of these beautiful moments! xo


{ Exploring Cataloochee, which is filled with unbelievable beauty. }


{ Each and every elk sighting feels like a bit of a discovery. }


{My heart swells at the sight of these North Carolina mountains. }


{ The only photos snapped from our Savannah trip. 1 // Our home during our stay; 2 // Giddy excitement upon arriving at Back in the Day Bakery. }


{ My husband of one year. It still feels like quite the privilege to call him that. }


{Casual anniversary dinner at Ben's Tune-Up, in Asheville. (Although if you're looking for our true Asheville food recommendations, White Duck Taco Shop for savory and French Broad Chocolates for sweet.) We stayed at each of these homes via Airbnb, and recommend both highly (1) (2). }


{ Picnicking in the park with my parents. }


{ Our feast, from Mazzaro's Italian Market. Pasta salad made by my dad. }

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